Business Protection

Often, an owner’s interest in a closely held business or professional practice may be the owner’s most valuable asset. Consequently, assisting owners in documenting and constructing processes to protect the business assets is a Firm priority. To that end, our attorneys assist business owners to ensure that, to the extent practical, an owner’s business assets are protected from tax liability and from creditors claims. Of equal importance, is assisting business owners in making their dreams become reality- i.e. in developing, preparing and implementing the owner’s business succession goals and plans.

In addition, in the modern age of later marriages, remarriages, divorce and blended families, Our Firm helps clients create and navigate through pre-nuptial, post-nuptial, and related agreements to resolve mitigating current and prospective liability involving marital property, mitigating current and prospective litigation; to legally memorialize party understandings and agreement consideration.